• opera omnia productions - Recording St Matthew's Passion, Symphony Hall

    Recording St Matthew's Passion, Symphony Hall

Audio Samples – Chamber Recordings

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Please click on the tracks to listen to some samples of chamber performances which have been recorded by Opera Omnia, or alternatively use the links opposite to hear samples from different genres.

Skampa Quartet - Dvorak - Champs Hill Studio, Sussex

London Winds/Martin Roscoe - Mozart - Beverley Music Festival

Gould Piano Trio - Brahms - Champs Hill Studio, Sussex

Robert Plane - Bartok - Champs Hill Studio, Sussex

Dego/Leonardi - Stravinsky - Temple Church, London

Brodsky Quartet - Ravel - Potton Hall

Artemis Qt - Mendelssohn - Wigmore Hall

Fine Arts Brass Ensemble - Bach - St John's Smiths Square

Belcea Qt/Imogen Cooper - Franck - Wigmore Hall

Trio Wanderer - Mendelssohn - St Mary's Church, Beverley

Matthew Trusler/Wayne Marshall - Blues Album - Wigmore Hall

Endellion Qt - All Saint's, East Finchley

Callum Smart / Gordon Back - Potton Hall, Suffolk

English Concert - Wigmore Hall

London Conchord Ensemble - Glinka - Potton Hall

Takács Qt - Janácek - Wigmore Hall

Vanbrugh Qt/Michael Collins - Copland - Potton Hall