• opera omnia productions - Royer Ribbon Microphones

    Royer Ribbon Microphones

  • opera omnia productions - Yamaha Digital Mixer

    Yamaha Digital Mixer

  • opera omnia productions - B&W Loudspeakers

    B&W Loudspeakers

  • opera omnia productions - Sequoia Audio Editor

    Sequoia Audio Editor

Technical Facilities

Technical Facilities Include:

Microphones (all in pairs or quad sets)
Sennheiser MKH20/30/40/80
Schoeps CCM2/CCM4/CMC6-MK21
DPA 4006
Neumann/Gefell UMT70S
Neumann U87/U89
Earthworks QTC50
Line Audio CM3/OM1
Rode NTR active ribbons
Royer R-122 active ribbons

Microphone Pre-amplifiers
Focusrite ISA Series
RME Micstasy
Prism Orpheus
Line Audio 8MP

Yamaha DM2000, DM1000

A/D Converters
2 x Prism Orpheus – 16 channel 24bit 192kHz
Focusrite ISA – 8 channel 24bit 192kHz
RME Micstasy – 8 channel 24bit 192kHz

B&W, PMC, Genelec, ATC

Location Recorders
Tascam HS-P82
Sound Devices MixPre10M

Recording & Editing Software
Audio – Samplitude / Sequoia
Film – DaVinci Resolve / Video Pro X
Images – Adobe Creative Suite

Photography & Filmmaking
Canon C100 mk II cinema camera x 6 with remote control
Blackmagic Designs 6k Pro x  2
Canon XA10 video camera
Hassleblad L1D Camera
Canon 5D mk3 x 2
Canon Cine Lens
Canon & Sigma prime and zoom lenses
Bowens 500W four head studio flash system
Canon Speedlites x 5
Lupo LED studio lights (variable colour temperature)
DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone (for aerial photography and filming)

Control Room to Stage talkback/phones
Control Room to Stage CCTV
Cue lights